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Long Hair Styling Video

This is the long hair site for long hair lovers where you can find new hairstyles and How-To videos of styles for long hair,updos, braids, upstyles, prom styles, wedding styles, evening styles and elegant styles that are glamorous for every occasion.

I have been a hair stylist since 1979 and have owned and operated my salon "Bridge's Hair Design" since 1982. During my career, I have developed a method of styling hair which I have trademarked as "Bridge's Combinatorial System of Hairstyle Designing Techniques". Using this method of styling hair, anyone can create styles of their own or do any given style by observation.

Here are some of my elegant, quick and easy styles demonstrated in my instructional videos and seminars.

Video 1 - Four Long hairstyles

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long hair style long hair style long hair style
long hair style long hair style long hair style

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