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Long Hair Styling
Platform or In-Salon-Hands-On

Though intended for hairdressers, these unique seminars may be taken by anyone interested by styling long hair.

More than four hundred sophisticated, elegant and wearable styles (braids, rolls, twists, knots etc.) of my own creation, or my interpretation of some of the timeless classics for all occasions, lifestyles and personalities.

I will share my secrets of these very simple and easy techniques, a basis with which you can express your own inherent taste and creative ability. With these techniques anyone can create hairstyles where the possibilities are endless.

My seminars will provide a guide for you on how to analyze your clients' faces and head shapes as well as fashion current and complimentary styles for any design or mode of dress.

By approaching this often overlooked and lucrative (time-value wise) and fascinating side of hairdressing with confidence and excitement instead of fear and trepidation. You can make extra money with your existing clients in a few minutes.

We are currently seeking agents, promoters and sponsorship from manufacturers nationally and worldwide. European citizenship and passport are in place. There is no work permit required.

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